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BLP Racing Products LLC. provides these Tutorials and videos as a service to help you are beloved customers. Many of the instructions included here assume the proper knowledge of shop practices and proper safety procedures. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.  

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Carb Order Form

pdf-only Interactive PDF Carb Information Sheet

Holley to BLP R Jet Conversion Table

pdf onlyHolley to BLP R-Jet Conversion Table

Carburetor Pro-Flo Instructional Manual

pdf-only PDF Instructional Manual

Thread Pitch & Drill Size

A listing of the most common thread sizes for Holley race and BLP Billet carburetors

Holley® HP 4150 standard specifications.

Basic stock calibrations for some of Holley's more popular carburetors.

Adjusting Idle Mixture Screws

adjusting your idle on your 2 or 4 corner idle applications.

Dominator Linkage Installation

pdf onlyDefinitive instructions for installing BLP's external linkage.

Float Adjustment Procedures

Float adjustment techniques using Brass and Nitrophil floats.

Power Enrichment System

Power Enrichment system, using power valves properly.

Classic 4150 Specifications

Classic Holley 4150 Specifications.



BLP Bolt On Anti-Stick Bracket Installation

Instructions for installation of the BLP Bolt on Anti-Stick Bracket

Booster Tool 7875 Installation

vidpdf This instruction includes a video that  walks you through the proper installation of carburetor boosters using the Booster Tool part#: 7875

Install 7882 Thread repair Repair Sleeve

vidpdf Learn How to sleave and repair a carburetor squirter screw hole. part# 7882

The BLP Sure Shot Kit Installation

vid-only The New Sure Shot (No Stumble) Kit. This Kit will enhance the starting line performance of your engine in all weather conditions. If your engine has ever stumbled on the starting line, you will know the importance of this product.

Fuel Bowl Thread Repair Kit

vid-only Learn how to repair the fuel bowl screw threads on the carburetor body.

External and internal bypass Fuel Pump installation

vidpdf Various text and videos detailing the proper use and installation of external and internal bypass fuel pumps.

Carburetor Test Gauge Kits

folder Instructions on various carburetor test gauges and their applications.

SB Ford Install water pump

pdf-only Drawing which explains  left or right water pump mounting.

Timing Covers Instructions

folderInstructions for our various makes of timing covers

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